This is a mobile website I designed in university which is best viewed if opened on an iPhone device, this is because certain functions were designed with the iPhones navigation features held in mind. To get around this in other browsers, simply use the 'Back' key as the back functionality, and the scroll wheel as the page explorer.

The PHP Map project was a group project in my final year of undergraduate studies, I lead a team of 5 who had to deliver to, and work with, an international client in Bulgaria. Our final delivery was an interactive HTML/PHP map and menu system which coupled with an SQL database to fetch relative information that could be used in a virtual world environment (second life).

[Note: most functionality is not present due to university/client copyright/ownership.]

This website was built as a PHP/XML/jQuery processing website to replicate a system used by electrical providers to measure a house holds electricity usage, this information may then be manipulated and processed for each client.

[Note: Login information is as follows, Username: Green - Password: z123456]

This is a simple website marked up for the business Sash Painting. It contains basic HTML, CSS and Image elements, also basic javascript gallery features.

This excel spread sheet was created as a dynamic and interactive scoring sheet for ten pin bowling. It incorporates several formulas for score calculation, easy to use forms and menus. Also output of scoring in PDF format.

[Note: Please enable Macros in order to run back end code and interactive menus]

The following is a website made to exact description as required by the Embody Health and Fitness client. It contains a simple blue and white layout with core information highlighted for online users to reach the personal trainer.